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Medical Equipment Resources for People in Michigan
www.loanclosets.org is a directory of loan closets, operated by Great Lakes Loan Closets. Great Lakes Loan Closets is designed to help residents of Michigan, Wisconsin and Northern Indiana find free or low-cost home medical equipment in their communities.

Michigan Agencies, Associations, and Organizations This comprehensive, annual, statewide disability listing is located in the Michigan Directory of Service Providers for Infants, Toddlers, and Students with Disabilities, section 23. The entire directory or selected sections can be downloaded from the home page of the web site, www.cenmi.org, the web site for The Center for Educational Networking (CEN). Click on the featured item in the upper left hand corner and scroll down to sections 22-24. Various national agencies, associations and other organizations are listed in Section 24.

Michigan Commission on Disability Concerns (MCDC) MCDC includes the Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DODHH). It responds to and advocates on behalf of Michigan's 1.9 million people with disabilities. This is done through information and technical assistance, disability rights training, working with the Michigan Business Leaders Network on employment for people with disabilities, coordinating the Michigan Youth Leadership Forum and conducting disability awareness and sensitivity training. The Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing deals with issues involving Michigan citizens who are deaf or hard of hearing. MCDC's mission is to provide statewide leadership to empower and integrate people with disabilities into all aspects of society. MCDC's e-mail is mcdc@michigan.gov, with DODHH's e-mail being dodhh@michigan.gov The toll-free phone is (877) 499-6232 T/V

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (MDRC) MDRC is a state-wide network that advances the issues of Michigan's disability community through grassroots activism, public education, and advocacy. It works to build opportunities for people with disabilities so they may live fully integrated lives within their chosen communities, now and in the future. MCDC's descriptive web site is www.copower.org The toll-free telephone number is 800-760-4600.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) With over 50 Michigan branch offices MRS helps persons with disabilities find meaningful careers. They work with people with a wide range of disabilities, assisting more than 7,000 Michigan residents with disabilities into jobs yearly. Their web site is accessed through www.michigan.gov or by searching for Michigan Rehabilitation Services. MRS's toll-free phone number is 800-605-6722 and TTY is 888-605-6722. If legally blind, a person should contact the Michigan Commission for the Blind (MCB). MCB's web site is accessed best by doing a search on Google. MCB's main phone is 517-373-0579, though they, too, have various field offices throughout Michigan.

Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS) MPAS's goal is to advance the dignity, quality, self-determination, and expressed choices of individuals. It promotes, expands and protects the human and legal rights of people by providing them with information and advocacy. Since people with disabilities have a wide variety of issues, MPAS tries to answer any questions relating to disability. The staff is experienced in many disability-related topic areas. Their web site is www.mpas.org and their toll-free phone number is 1-800-288-5923 (V/ TTY).


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