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Religion and Disability Program of the National Organization on Disability (NOD) - This interfaith effort urges national faith groups, local congregations and seminaries to identify and remove barriers of architecture, communications, and attitudes. The program helps to sponsor That All May Worship conferences, conferences that bring together people with disabilities and religious leadership to plan improved access - both physical and spiritual - in houses of worship. The program also provides Audit of Barriers, a checklist to identify barriers of architecture, communications and attitude in your congregation; N.O.D. Interfaith Guides which assist congregations to become more welcoming to people with disabilities; and Religion and Disability Resources, links to other organizations. To access the Religion and Disability Program of N.O.D. on the internet, simply go to www.nod.org and click on religious participation, in the community involvement section, in the top left-hand corner. Or phone 202-293-5960; 202-293-5968 (TTY); E-mail, ability@nod.org

Equal Access Guide - The National Council of Churches of Christ's Committee on Disabilities, part of the Education and Leadership Ministries Commission, has prepared a comprehensive "Equal Access Guide for Meetings, Conferences, Large Assemblies and Worship." The guide is based on the theological principles that all people are created in the image of God, have spiritual gifts, and are invited to participate in God's ministry. The guide helps meeting planners implement the principles with detailed practical advice ranging from the maximum slope of access ramps to the seating of Sign Language interpreters, adequate space for work dogs, and much more. You can download the guide in PDF or Word format. Phone is 212-870-2267 and online access is http://www.ncccusa.org/elmc/disabilities manual.html.

Episcopal Disability Network (EDN) - EDN's mission is to enable each child of God regardless of the severity of his or her disability to be an integral member of the Body of Christ, to participate in the sacraments of the church, and to discern and live out his or her calling as a Christian. EDN has links to many disability-related groups. These can be accessed by clicking on links in the left-hand column. Their web site is www.disability99.org The Rev. Barbara Ramnaraine is the coordinator. Her phone is 1-888-738-3636, and her e-mail address is disability99@earthlink.net .

Disabilities Concerns (DISC) - DISC is a program of the Health and Welfare Ministries of the General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church. It is an online support group with web pages for spirituality resources, annotated bibliographies, and news about ministries with people with disabilities. "Breaking the Sound Barrier in Your Church: Ministry and Mission with People Who Are Hard of Hearing or Late-Deafened" as well as poems, prayers, hymns, and spiritual resources are included in DISC's program section. DISC's other features can also be accessed in the program section of the web site www.gbgm-umc.org/health/ Voice phone for Health and Welfare Ministries of the United Methodist Church is 212-870-3871 and TDD is 212-870-3709. E-mail is hwmin@gbgm-umc.org.

National Pastoral Life Center - In serving the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church's pastoral ministry (pastors, parish staff, lay Catholic leaders, and diocesan staff) the National Pastoral Life Center offers a variety of publications, several pertaining to relating with people who have disabilities. There are various do's and don'ts about Welcoming People with Disabilities, ten tips about Worship and People with Disabilities and five tips about Welcoming Children with Disabilities. To order any of these publications, go to their web site, www.nplc.org, clicking on "order publications" in the left-hand column. When reaching the publications page, click on "people with disabilities" (at least half-way down middle section). To access these and other resources in Spanish, simply click on Spanish resources near the top of the publications page.


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