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The Disability Awareness committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan wants to give each congregation in the Diocese the disability poster "Your Words . . . Our Image." Although we have given this poster to numerous congregations, there are still some congregations that have not yet received a poster.

The poster features a person with a disability and a child with a listing of appropriate language to use in referring to a particular disability. We hope congregations receiving this poster will display it prominently so parishioners will be more aware that people with disabilities are people first and are aware of the appropriate language in referring to a person with a particular disability. Please see the section of Relating to People with Disabilities in the Information for Congregations division for additional helpful information on relating with people with disabilities.

If your congregation has not received a poster and wishes one, please contact the Rev. Chuck Swinehart at chswinehart@gmail.com.


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Disability Awareness Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan
The Rev. Chuck Swinehart chswinehart@gmail.com


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