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Episcopal Disability Network (EDN): In More Than Fifty Ways to Make Your Parish Accessible with Little or No Cost Involved, EDN suggests the purchase of large-print copies of the Hymnal and the Book of Common Prayer. If cost is a problem, please contact them for assistance. Their toll-free number is 1-888-738-3636 and their website address, which has additional contact information, is www.disability99.org

Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI): CPI's Rite Series is a liturgy planning software tool for creating customized bulletins or service leaflets. Congregations that use the Rite Series can aid their members who have visual impairments by reproducing entire services, including music, in large print formats. Liturgy plans created with the Rite Series can be exported into popular word processing programs such as Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect. The Rite Series has a variety of pre-set leaflet style sheets that can be used as is or can be customized for specific needs, including several large-print options. For more technical information on The Rite Series, call CPI's toll-free technical support line at 877-RITESTUFF (748-3788) or send an e-mail to theriteseries@cpg.org

The LARGE-PRINT Book of Common Prayer CD is a tool which the blind as well as the visually-impaired can use. It is mainly in 18-point Times New Roman font and is formatted in Microsoft Word™. It is laid out for 8.5 x 11-inch pages and can be used to help prepare Large-Print worship materials. People who are blind or visually impaired can input the material into their note taker and, using special software, can re-edit the material into a form of Braille. Then, using the note taker's search function, they can easily locate a passage of The Book of Common Prayer. To order a copy of the CD, send a self-addressed, stamped 6x9 inch envelope with three first class stamps attached (five if it's a padded envelope) to Ann Dahlen, 1900 6th Avenue, #513, Rock Island, IL 61201. Donations of any amount are welcome. If you have questions, E-mail Ann at largeprinthelp@aol.com or anndahlen3@aol.com

Prayers & Psalms for Today is a large-print CD that includes helps for people facing all kinds of life situations and challenges. It has selections from Prayers and Thanksgivings, Prayers for the Sick, Prayers for Use by a Sick Person and The Psalter (the Book of Psalms), from The Book of Common Prayer 1979 of The Episcopal Church, USA. The material is from an Episcopal book, but it is helpful to everyone regardless of faith.

The CD materials are in APhont™, a font designed especially for people with severe vision challenges. The font was developed by American Printing House for the Blind. The materials can be copied and distributed to the visually-challenged, including to shut-ins and those in nursing homes, prisons, and hospitals. The prayers can be made into a booklet as can The Psalter. All are laid out for 8.5 x 11 inch pages. All are formatted in Word 97. Blind individuals with electronic notetakers and special software, and visually-impaired folks with access to computers can use the CD as part of their devotions.

To order a CD, please send a self-addressed 6x9 inch envelope with four first class stamps attached (five if it's a padded envelope) to Ann Dahlen 1900 6th Avenue, Apt. 513, Rock Island, IL 61201. Donations of any amount are appreciated and encouraged to help cover ministry costs. The LARGE-PRINT Book of Common Prayer CD is also still available. To order a copy, please follow the instructions for the Prayers & Psalms for Today CD. Please include which CD you are ordering. For more information, please email Ann Dahlen at anndahlen3@aol.com or largeprinthelp@aol.com.

Disability Awareness (Episcopal Diocese of Michigan): If you are unable to secure worship service books after trying the Episcopal Disability Network and Ann Dahlen, please feel free to contact us with your need. We will work with you to get the necessary materials. Contact either the Rev. Chuck Swinehart at chswinehart@gmail.com.



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