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Bullying has been a problem for people with disabilities for a very long time. People with disabilities continue to be the group which experiences this form of violent behavior more than any other. Other people are experiencing bullying, too, especially since the turn of the century. Bullying has gotten so out of control that in 2011 a CBS News anchor observed that "bullying has become an epidemic in our country." In early 2014 http://www.facebook.com/bullymovie reported that 13 million American kids will be bullied in various places, in various ways, making it the most common form of violence young people face in this country." Bullying takes place often at school, on school buses, on playgrounds, on streets, in homes, and with more sophisticated forms online, cell phones and social media sites on the internet. Things have gotten worse as now cyberbullying and sexting have become even more of a problem.

In September 2018, Jennifer McClellan, posted for All the Moms in USA TODAY online, with the following headline:

One third of middle- and high-schoolers were bullied last year, study shows.

That’s an increase from two years ago, when just over one in four students had reported being bullied, according to the study conducted by the non-profit group YouthTruth.


Disability Awareness is working with Oasis, a ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan serving lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered and queer persons, because we share concerns about this problem. In the Bullying section you'll find General Resources and Congregational Resources, along with a Historical Summary. The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan adopted a resolution on Bullying and Its Prevention at its 2010 Annual Convention, and we were pleased to see new legislation requiring school districts to adopt and implement anti-bullying policies. The Episcopal Church passed the following resolution at its 2012 convention: Churchwide Response to Bullying. We also include a link to the Michigan State Board of Education's Model Anti-Bullying Policy. We are posting a special Blessing for Those Who Are Bullied.

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