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Michigan State Board of Education's Model Anti-Bullying Policy

Blessing for Those Who Are Bullied




The Golden Rule Pledge -- http://goldenrulepledge.com/grpresources -- lesson plans on bullying prevention and a simple, effective pledge to live by the Golden Rule.

The Protectors -- http://www.paulcoughlin.net/protectors/ - The Protectors focuses primarily upon the potential strength, heroic desire, and rescuing capacity of Bystanders, transforming them into what we call “Alongside Standers.”

Pete’s Power Point Stationhttp://facs.pppst.com/bullying.htm  - a variety of resources, many of them in Microsoft Power Point format

Eric Travis--the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan's Missioner for Youth and Young Adults--has reviewed the above materials and thinks they may be useful to congregations interested in working with young people about bullying concerns. He has also reviewed two books by Steven Gerali and published by Zondervan.  What Do I Do When Teenagers Encounter Bullying and Violence? and What Do I Do when Teenagers Question Their Sexuality? Please feel free to contact Eric if you have questions about these resources: etravis@edomi.org

If you are aware of other resources or have a question about the general resources provided by Disability Awareness at www.da-edomi.org, contact Churck Swinehart at chsjr1@sbcglobal.net One such resource is How to Stop Bullying and Social Agression by Michael Dreiblatt. This book has lessons and activities that teach empathy, friendship and respect. One reviewer states that it is "a practical book packed with the kinds of anti-bullying strategies [that] teachers, coaches, therapists and kids regularly request." Remember, too, that the Internet has many other general resources that you can access by simply using a search engine.


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