A Blessing for Those Who Are Being Bullied

If you are a boy or girl, man or woman who is being bullied,

then this blessing is for you.

Carry it with you. Keep it near you at all times.

Let it be a light through any darkness as you find your path

to the dignity and respect you deserve as a child of God.

 - adapted from the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, courtesy of Integrity USA

My Name is _______________________________________________

Whatever others may try to call me,

My Name is _______________________________________________

God knows me by My Name because God gave me life.

God calls me by name because God has a purpose for my life.

God remembers my name because God loves me just as I am.

Therefore, I will not be afraid. I will not be intimidated.

I will not be denied my dignity. I will not harm myself.

I will not be called by any other name than My Name.

My Name is ________________________________________________

And I am beautiful and precious in the eyes of the Lord.